Barcode Registration

With Barcode registration you can register your barcode and product information on the International Barcodes Database. Once we receive an order for this, we will email you through a request for proof of barcode onwership. We will then activate your barcode number for registration.

Note – registration is included in our barcode packages, hence, it should only be purchased if you have bought barcodes through another company or a barcode outside of a barcode package through us.

Price per Barcode
1 + TZS 24,000 each
5 + TZS 21,000 each
10 + TZS 18,000 each
20 + TZS 15,000 each
30 + TZS 12,000 each
50 + TZS 8,000 each


Note – All prices are in USD

Barcode Registration

TZs 10

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